Thursday, July 5, 2007

Deadwood Days

Hi People, hope you had a good Canada Day long weekend. We celebrated our Canadian heritage by climbing a big hill for some nice views of the city and then had a couple beers. We posted some pictures of the way up and from the top of Cerro San Cristobal. It might be hard to make out the buildings with the thick layer of smog blanketing Santiago. Not so healthy. Being tree hugging greenies it’s a bit hard to stomach but the reality of the poor air quality we create is obvious . In winter the smog here is at it’s worst. We are looking forward to the summer winds blowing in to make our hill hikes a little easier.

We have been passing our nights making home-cooked meals and watching episodes of Deadwood. Our days are busy preparing for classes and our teaching hours are gradually increasing. Paula has picked up a 4 hour Saturday class. We are also close to finalizing spanish classes that should begin next week! The weather is mild and we’ve had warm sunny days here and there.
The internet hook up is not happening. The long delay involved in getting registered with a Chile ID got us to thinking we could do without the home service. So we’ll put the money we save towards spanish lessons and use wi-fi at school and at the many locations around town.

Ciao for now!

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