Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food in Buenos Aires

Well here we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina everyone! The bus ride from Mendoza was long but luxurious (we got to play bingo on the bus for the grand prize, a bottle of wine!). We arrived Saturday May 12 and have now had a few days to walk around the city trying to take in as much as we can. Our Spanish is improving every day!

There are 13 million people here and with all the apartments from the outskirts to the downtown core it’s no wonder. The architecture is old and European influenced and the streets are cafe friendly. Yerba Mate is the Argentine coffee used to aid in night life (it’s something like a strong loose-leaf green tea loaded with caffeine, you drink it through a straw). The party usually doesn’t get started until after 2 am and wraps when most start their work day. We don’t have any picks of this night life (although Sean did fall in with the wrong crowd one night...see photo link), but follow the link from photos for our shots from around town which include Recoleta Cemetery! We’ve also tried including some food and drink pics for all interested. The food portions are big but the menu isn’t too different from home. We are going to a regional food restaurant tomorrow night and bringing the camera. I’m not ordering any guinea pig!
The beers are also big! 750 and 900 mL big! 3$ Cdn at a restaurant or diner and even cheaper at the grocery store!

Paula and I really like El Sol Hostel we’re staying in and decided to extend our stay till the end of the week. This gives us more time to take in the streets and prepare for our big adventure to Iguazu Falls. We are renting a car for a couple of weeks to do some camping and get off the beaten track. It’s a long haul between Buenos Aires and Iguazu and we want to give ourselves enough time to relax and enjoy the land along the way. Check and you’ll see why we can’t pass up the chance to take this trip north. might not here from us for a few days, but don’t worry we will be taking care and taking care of each other. Hopefully we can get some pictures of our road trip out to you along the way!

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