Saturday, August 11, 2007

Winter in Santiago

It’s been awhile folks. Hope everyones having a good summer, staying out of trouble, and having fun. Things are good here! It’s relatively cold but September is just around the corner and for Chile that means Spring! It also means Chile National day or Independence day, on September 18. The 19th is military day,..for all the Pinochetists, and the 17th being squeezed in on the monday is going to be a ‘sandwich’ day. It sounds like it should be a real party with 5 days of drink, drum, and rodeos.
It snowed here in Santiago for the first time in 10 to 40 years depending on where you live in the city. The elevation change is extreme ,being so close to the cordillia, so the folks in Las Condes have a different take than the folks downtown. It was nothing like a snow storm in Canada but it was really something new for most. For us it felt like Christmas as we walked up Vicuna Mackenna to the metro and looked up at a nicely dusted Cerro San Cristobal in all its snow dome glory.
We’ve started spanish lessons!
A movie recommendation: What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole. If you liked The Matrix or are interested in quantum physics this movie is key.
We’ve just bought a new refrigerator! This should be the last of our major purchases, I think(still like to get a guitar and a blender), so we’re settled in now! Wouldn’t it have been cool to have the fridge in the photo page?
We’re having occasional dinner parties with some teachers from our school and there’s also a regular football game being played every sunday. It’s nice finding people you can hang out with and have a few. I think sometimes it helps with any homesickness of our friends and other times makes me wish more than ever, you were here.

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