Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Trippin'

We just spent a great weekend on Chile’s coast.  
Our friends Philipe and Zanatoa invited us to their beach house for the weekend in Concon.  They picked us up in Vina del Mar and we drove up the coast to their place taking pictures and checking out the surfers along the way.  
We had a great dinner that night at a local restaurant of seafood and white wine.  The best seafood ever..?  I would have to say yes.  Mixed seafood platter to start followed by crab cake, fish and chips, and cooked fish jumbilee.  For dessert we had two crepes - papaya and pineapple.  We walked it off and then relaxed on their balcony overlooking a beach.
The next day we went back down the coast to Valparaiso and spent the afternoon walking through the streets, up and down the hills through different neighborhoods.  Actually I should mention before going to Valpo we went to Las Deliciosas in Concon and filled up on the best seafood empanadas in Chile; seafood, crab and cheese, scallops and cheese, - again the best empanadas ever!
So with full stomachs we walked the streets of Valparaiso taking pictures of the cool graffiti and colorful homes.
We used a couple of the funicular elevators to get us up certain hills for great views of the city and port.  The city has a certain old Quebec, a cool old-charm.  UNESCO named the city a world heritage site in 2003.
We took a lot of pictures and I’ll have them uploaded soon(I hope)(Elqui Valley pics are finally loaded).  It’s slow without home internet access.  We are seriously reconsidering our position on getting the service.
Tomorrow is National Day for Chile.  We are having a barbecue here on the roof of our apartment tonight and will be checking out all the festivities around town tomorrow.  Stay tuned for September 18 update.

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