Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chaiten Volcano

If you've been watching the news you'll have seen amazing photos's from the south of Chile after the eruption of the Chaiten Volcano. The first eruption happened last week sending billowing smoke into the air and causing ash to rain down on neighboring towns. The evacuation of Chaiten began as this town's streets were layered in ash making life impossible. On Tuesday the volcano erupted again and along with Chaiten being fully evacuated other neighboring towns from Futalafu to areas in Santa Cruz, Argentina.

This volcano is devastating the lives of thousands living in this area. Paula and I fondly remember traveling here and it being amazingly beautiful. We spent a few days in Chaiten and commented on how much we enjoyed the people and about wanting to return. We really hope that things will return to normal soon for the people of this area and that friends like Nicholas from Chaiten Tours can get their business' up and running again.
We also hope that the fallout from this volcanic ash doesn't do to much damage the flora and fauna of this area. It is really one of the richest and diverse areas in the world and the negative impacts this can have on the water systems and forest could be tremendous.
With natural events causing grief all over the world our prayers and thoughts go out to those suffering in Chile, and aslo to the victims and families in Myanmar.

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