Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yep, we´re employed!

We’ve got work and a new apartment!
Hmmm, living in Canada wasn’t THIS good, apartments are really nice and affordable. We quickly learned why, Chile doesn’t winterize or heat them! (brrr!) Also, they don’t usually come with a fridge. We’ll be hitting up the markets this weekend to get these final important pieces and a few trimmings to make our apartment truly guest worthy.

As for work, we’ve been fortunate to find a company that will arrange working visas for us. We’re slowly gathering teaching hours and looking into tutoring on the side (this is where the real money is at). Also, we’ve been arranging volunteer opportunities and looking into other organizations within Santiago. We won’t be firm on times though until our teaching schedules are all worked out.

The school, Bridge Linguatec, caters to business clients in and around Santiago. Sean has been gathering classes quickly with most of them being at the business’ office. He gets paid travel time which is a nice bonus and he’s happy to travel around the city. Paula’s happy to see him in a shirt and tie!

Enjoy the pictures of our new place. We also posted a couple of videos from inside the apartment.

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