Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back in Santiago

Well we’ve been back in Santiago de Chile for a week now. The weather seems to be nicer than Argentina, but it’s still heading into winter so it’s chilly and we’re starting to get multiple overcast days. We bought an umbrella today!

The true sign that winter is on its way are the people in the streets selling umbrellas and the skiers getting stoked for the season.
We are told that watching the mountains gather snow and then watching it recede is a good way to pass the next couple of months. We are also told that it’s not supposed to be a rainy winter, but that doesn’t help with thoughts of Canada soaking it up in the sun right now.

Paula and I are passing the time with multiple projects including; finding volunteer opportunities in the community, finding a job, finding a place to live, and finding cheap watering holes. The holes aren’t to hard to find actually, you can go anywhere for a good cheap drink. Pisco sours are Chile’s cocktail and good beers at good prices are at every restaurant(Kuntzman (sp), Escudo, and Cristal are regional). The key to being thrifty though is finding restaurants that have a happy hour. We’ve been lucky enough to come across a great sushi bar and a great thai food joint offering half off everything on their menu’s. Along with finding a place that offers ‘real’ caesar salads we think this is the key to good living. As unemployed transients and mindful buddhists we take what we can get and give as much as we can.
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