Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back to the Beach

We’re engaged!
The question was popped and the answer is yes!
We are super happy and want you all to know we think of you and love you and when we get back to Canada we can celebrate this together.
Some friends invited us to their parents beach house in Algarrobo last weekend.  We posted some pics in flickr and on this site.  It has been unbelievably hot here the last couple of weeks so it was really nice to get out of the the city and into the fresh sea air.  We spent our time playing frisbee on the beach, hiking around the shoreline, and soaking up sun.  We also hiked through a eucalyptus tree farm to a Blair Witch house(thank god it wasn’t at night).  
We relaxed at night playing cards and the guitar with our friends Marie and Francesco, all in all it was a fun relaxing weekend.


Larry said...

Hi Sean and Paula. Have tried to e-mail you but no response. We want to visit in March but we want to come early and rent a cottage or apt. for a week in Santiago and possibly a week in Buenos Aires then a few days at your apt. Dad also wants to look into Antarctia for a quick trip but don't know if that will happen. Would like you to look into apts. or cottages for a week in the area for us. Skype us when you can. Love mom and dad

Dayle & Adrian Questionmark said...

dudes! new blog??? should we change your link (your old one didn't work again). miss you lots and lots and we're super excited for your upcoming travels! we're out of the sticks now-- no more critters, except one late-night Melbourne mouse last night on the street-- hope your xmas goes great (how weird is it that everyone else is snowed in??!) and hope you're getting festive. miss you guys!
Ps. Paula, we thought of you everytime the birds came to visit!