Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas and New Years

Happy 2008 everybody!
It was a hot December here in Chile but we managed to make it feel like Christmas around our apartment.  Paula decorated with popcorn strings and she had some friends over for a day of christmas cookie baking.  We hung socks from our wall and found a little pine tree to put presents around.  
Santa had no problem navigating the southern hemisphere and he brought boots for Paula and a guitar for Sean.  We had an excellent morning drinking irish coffee listening to putamayo christmas songs and opening presents.
For New Years we went to Valparaiso for a couple of days. The sea breeze was a nice change.
We walked around the city breaking in Paula's new boots and taking photos.  The fireworks show there is supposedly one of the best in the world and it didn't disappoint.  We watched them from one of the hills with a great view of the port. There was 5 or 6 different spots where the fireworks went off....from different cities along the coast.  Load and spectacular!  It was a big party in the city afterwards and we walked the streets wishing everyone un feliz ano neuvo.

We celebrated Paula's birthday the next day by going out for a great Thai dinner with our friends Francisco and Marie.  Also a big congratulations to them as they were married on friday!
Now we're getting ready for our big trip to the south.  We leave on feb. 4 so as it quickly approaches we continue to check and revise our list of gear, food, and other preparations.  
It goes without saying we are super excited!

Check out our Flickr link for photos from Valpo and others.

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