Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

So we are a couple of weeks away from our big trip to the south of Chile. I guess I've been planning this for many years but now that it's almost  here it seems my list of things to do keeps getting bigger. Slowly, though, we are checking items off, like gear/kit, health insurance, flight confirmations, what to do with our plants.  Of most importance is keeping our bag weight reasonable. We'll be taking down gear and food as we begin a trek into TDP as soon we arrive. Well we still have 12 days before we fly to Punta Arenas.Sean's parents are taking advantage of us being down here and are taking a trip to South America. They are now in Argentina and arrive in Chile next week. When they arrive we will take them to the coast for a tour of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, and then down towards Algarrobo and Isla Negra.  We'll be back Santiago in time for one final night of packing before we fly out the next morning.  The Roothams will then use our place as a base for trips into the Cajon del Maipo(beautiful mountain area near Santiago) and we're also planning a wine tour for them of the Colchagua Valley, one the best wine regions in all the world. Any would be travelers are more than welcome to follow their lead and come down for a visit and personal tour of the region. Paula has been working at a day camp this month and is presently on the coast in Zapallar.  She is working with children doing arts and crafts and teaching them some English.  They are very young and wandering but it sounds like she is really enjoying the experience.  She also says the area is very beautiful and that's reason enough for me to head up there this weekend for a visit, and because I miss her too. The next time you hear from us will probably be after our trek through Torres del Paine National Park. We'll try to post pics and stories as often as possible as we'll be in many places on and off the road for the month of February. It should be an amazing trip and we look forward to sharing our time with you.
Onward and Upward!  


Sean said...

is this working?

Sean said...

hi sean , just chekin' the blog. looks bueno. hasta la vista

Dayle & Adrian Questionmark said...

Bon voyage and good luck on your big trip (and I'm sure you had lots of fun with Sean's parents)! We just spent the weekend on the southern coast of Oz and thought of you guys as the cold winds came at us straight from Antarctica... as you are probably familiar with already! Hope you see lots of gorgeous scenery, cool wildlife, and amazing people. Can't wait to read about your adventure. Keep us posted!